The change of season is a magical time at Kurland, with nature showing off her resilience as she prepares for the cooler climes. We love admiring how gently autumn arrives on the estate…

It brings peace and quiet. The busy, clip clopping sounds of the polo ponies’ hooves in high summer have given way to quiet fields, populated only by the occasional bleat from the sheep as they’re brought in from the fields in the evening. Cool winds, crackling fireplaces, and the crunch of dry leaves underfoot are autumn’s familiar soundtrack.

It evokes moments of self-reflection. Mirrored in the perfectly still dam surface; the crisp, clear views of the Tsitsikamma mountain range in the distance; and in our avenues of oaks turning their greens into golds, crimson, and caramel.

It reminds us to let go and settle into rest…There are always a few last roses still blooming beautifully at this time of year, but slowly even they start to shed their petals and slip into a deep, dormant slumber for the winter. We’ll start to prune them mid-winter to prepare them for a vibrant return in the spring.

It invites us indoors. The wood piles outside the Homestead are stacked high, welcoming guests inside with roaring fires and handcrafted cocktails and brews made with home-grown garnishes and infusions. Curl up with a book in the library or relax and reconnect with your loved ones in the cosy lounge areas, layered with textures, art and exquisite details.

It tantalises our senses. Autumn always inspires our palates. Walk through the kitchen garden and you’ll see it’s brimming with artichokes, chillis, and lettuce. If you’re in the area, stop by the weekly pop-up restaurant at Katarina’s offering a variety of delicious homemade pastas and curries. At the Homestead kitchen, we’re cooking up a hearty combination of chicken soup, roast chicken, and risotto, cooked in one pot for the table to share when guests come to stay. Not to mention comforting soups – including a rich minestrone made with vegetables from the garden and a delicious three-bean tomato soup – and our signature oxtail ragu, an absolute guest favourite at this time of year.