The Easter polo season wrapped up in April and one of the highlights was the 9th Lawyers Polo Tournament. Ten teams, 40 players from all over the world, mostly lawyers and businesspeople, came together to play polo, network, mingle and enjoy a beautiful setting at Kurland.  The players, guests and family members all stayed at Kurland Villa and Homestead.

We asked Carolina Bérèterbide, the Event Manager for Lawyers Polo (and sister of the founder) to tell us more about the special spirit of this event.

What makes Lawyers Polo unique?

The most beautiful part of this annual event is that we come together as friends, almost like family.  We’re not on the polo fields to earn money, but instead we’re here to connect with each other as friends.  August 2008 was the first LP event and every year we invite new people – but some players have participated in LP from the beginning.  The camaraderie and family feelings are so special in this group.  It feels like we’re having fun and a holiday together with people we enjoy. That’s why we loved staying at Kurland because we brought our families, we could meet up in the kitchen for a snack, or have a spa treatment when we weren’t playing or watching matches.

How do you choose where to have the LP events?

We try to choose a place that has enough horses and excellent playing fields.  Also an exotic location so the players can travel through the experience of polo.  That’s why we chose Plettenberg Bay, the Plett Polo Club, and staying at Kurland.  It’s a stunning venue and the facilities and horses have international status.


What was special about this year?

There was such a special spirit this year.  The polo events had been delayed for 3 years because of Covid, so it was really exciting to be back playing polo.  Everyone was willing to come to South Africa – they had a different perspective, and so cheerful about the event.

An important aspect of the ethos of Lawyers Polo is giving-back to a local community.  Wherever they travel for tournaments, Lawyers Polo supports a local foundation.  This year they partnered with Sabrina Love Foundation, a non-profit organisation caring for children with disabilities and special needs in Plettenberg Bay.


Images: Ryan French