Action-Packed Polo

Kurland’s polo players and horses have international status and the Kurland International Polo Test held on the Estate for many years, updates available on the polo websites, is regarded as one of the top ten polo matches in the world.

The polo season in Plettenberg Bay spans from December to April and attracts an ever increasing number of international patrons, top professionals and polo enthusiasts from around the world.

There are many polo tournaments held in Plettenberg Bay over the polo season and these are considered must-do’s for seasoned holiday makers and jet-setters from around the world.

Polo Facts

Polo Facilities

  • Four boarded fields.
  • Fully equipped stables and veterinary clinic.
  • A one kilometre sand exercise track.
  • Paddocks for up to 450 horses, Specialist “wooden horse” training equipment including specially mounted visual recording equipment for swing analysis.
  • Resident polo professional of the highest calibre are available to provide customised tuition.
  • Experienced grooms care for the horses and a vet and farrier are permanently on standby.

Favourible Playing Times

01 December to 30 April are the best times but 30 days on either side are possible.

Block Out Times

01 June to 30 October.


  • 95% of all polo ponies are re-trained race horses. The string has been put together over a ten year period so there is a large selection of suitable horses from safe novice beginner horses to advanced professional ones.
  • Famous horses that have come out of the Plettenberg Bay string are “Russian” who was best playing pony in the “Queens Cup” in 2009 and “Texas” who was best playing pony in “Deauville” in 2011.


  • There are four instructors based at Kurland:
    Shaun Brokensha: 3 goals, has been coaching for 5 years and has 20 playing horses.
    Buster Mackenzie: 6 goals, has been coaching for 12 years and has a pool of 50 playing horses.
    Doug Lund: 5 goals, has been coaching for 5 years and has 20 playing horses.
    Guy Watson: 5 goals, has recently started coaching and has 40 playing horses.
  • All instructors have been involved in polo over a 10 – 20 year period both locally and internationally and have acquired vast experience in all areas of polo.

A Polo Day

  • Groups vary from 1 to 8 guests. Collectively groups of up to 12 polo players can be accommodated. If the players are beginners, this number can be doubled.
  • A regular polo day would include tuition in the morning, horse riding lesson, stick and ball, wooden horse followed by a practise in the afternoon.


  • Players vary in handicaps from 2 to 5 goals.
  • For chukkas, either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 are played, therefore 6 or 8 players are needed. Ideally 4 guests are required on the field at once.


  • Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment, however helmets, gloves, knee guards, whip and sticks can be hired.
  • Ready to play ponies are provided.

Booking Lead Times

Preferably as long as possible before arrival as last minute requests cannot always be accommodated.

See www.plettpolo.co.za for more information.

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