Kurland Homestead

The Kurland Homestead has been in the family for three generations.The Kurland Homestead has 12 tastefully decorated and spacious suites and can accommodate up to 48 people. We do offer rates depending on the size of your guest list. The Luxury and Superior Suites all have private loft rooms that are specially furnished for children with their own en-suite bathrooms. The Luxury Suites have secluded courtyards and water features whilst the Superior Suites all have private pools, which enjoy magnificent views of the Estate.

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Elegant Suites

The 2 Elegant Suites overlook the central pool. Each one is individually designed and offer a large bedroom, bathroom and private patio. They are ideally located a few steps from the main homestead.

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Luxury Suites

The 6 Luxury Suites are stunning in every respect. Each is individually designed and offer a large bedroom, spacious bathroom, private patio and upstairs en-suite loft that can accommodate 2 children.

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Superior Suites

The 4 Superior Suites are opulently furnished with excessive space and warmth featuring large bedroom with lounge area, en-suite loft able to accommodate 3 children and private patio with plunge pool.

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